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We have come together as a group of like-minded Democratic Jewish women in Atlanta. We are guided on all issues by our core Jewish values and motivated by our desire to have our voices heard on topics of shared importance. These include healthcare and  women's reproductive rights, gun violence protection, religious infringement, education and child protection, criminal justice reform, refugee and immigration protection and protection of the environment.


Having grown frustrated at being silenced for so long by the conservative trends of our state, our goal is to educate, empower, and engage progressive Jewish women in our community, inspiring individual action and collaborative action. As American Jews and as Democrats, we believe in a safe and secure Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people. We are a non-soliciting, non-fundraising group.



Through guest speakers, legislative updates and political forums, we cover a wide range of topics to expand understanding of current issues facing Georgians.


We understand we have a role to play in ensuring that our collective voices are heard in our state capitol and beyond, and that our elected officials represent each of us.


Our goal is to move each of our 1600 members (and growing) from observers in the political process to active participants.

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